Why Hire Amanda L. Ireland, Esq.?

Legal problems can be incredibly stressful and expensive. Your attorney can make a significant difference in the process and outcome of a civil dispute. While big firms offer impressive credentials and world class legal services for substantial fees, a small firm can be the right choice for personalized attention and value for money.

Offering Legal Counsel in Las Vegas NV and Washington DC Offices

Amanda L. Ireland, Esq. has experience in a broad range of civil and business matters, but currently focuses her practice on complex commercial and employment disputes. 

A British New Zealander and former journalist and PR executive, Amanda Ireland represented hundreds of individuals and businesses in Nevada state, federal and administrative matters before extending her practice with a satellite office in the District of Columbia in 2021. 

When you need legal counsel for a difficult business, professional or employment issue, you deserve an attorney who will listen carefully and patiently explain your options. Ms. Ireland endeavors to "leave no stone unturned", fully explore her client's situation, and explain complex legal issues so lay people can understand.

Contact The Law Office of Amanda L. Ireland Ltd. for an Initial Consultation

Attorney Ireland advocated for Nevada clients for 7 years before extending her practice to the District of Columbia. To DC clients, Ms. Ireland offers a "frontier" approach from her Nevada and New Zealand years, softened by her British heritage and deep affection for our nation's capitol. If you want a lawyer with a unique perspective and a breadth of business experience, contact The Law Office of Amanda L. Ireland, Ltd. for an initial consultation.

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