Why Hire Amanda L. Ireland, Esq.?

Legal problems can be surprisingly stressful and expensive. The background and approach of the attorney you hire can make a significant difference in the outcome of a contested matter. While big law firms offer depth and human and technical infrastructure in multiple practice areas for substantial fees, a small firm or solo practitioner is sometimes the right choice for more personalized attention and value for money.

Now Offering Legal Counsel in Las Vegas NV and Washington DC Offices

Education, experience, hard work and determination are essential to build a successful law practice. A British New Zealander and former journalist and PR executive, Amanda L. Ireland, Esq. was initially licensed and represented hundreds of individual and businesses in Nevada state, federal court and administrative actions before deciding to extend her practice to the District of Columbia. In 2020, Attorney Ireland was admitted to the DC Bar weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. After months of remote work and seeing her youngest child off to college, Ms. Ireland established a second residence and office in the District early 2021 to start living and working part-time and one day retire in our nation's stunning and cosmopolitan capitol

Amanda L. Ireland, Esq. has experience in a broad range of civil, business and administrative matters including professional and ordinary negligence, business disputes, employment law, defamation, malicious prosecution, consumer protection and simple/uncontested divorces. Attorney Ireland has focused more recently on employment discrimination, but enjoys handling a variety of cases to keep her practice intellectually interesting. At this time, her main practice areas are:

  • Civil & Business Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Administrative & Civil Appeals
  • Simple Domestic Matters

Attorney Ireland has a track record of creating an authentic connection and maintaining frequent communication with clients. Litigation can last months or years longer than people expect. Ms. Ireland takes the time early in the case to "leave no stone unturned", fully understand each client's problems and explain complex legal issues and procedures in terms lay people can understand. She strives for each cIient to learn enough about the critical phases and decisions of their litigation or administrative action that they can focus on their own lives, families and jobs while their attorney worries about their case.

When you need legal counsel on a major personal, career or business problem, you deserve an attorney who will listen to you, thoroughly examine all relevant facts, and patiently explain your options. The Law Office of Amanda L. Ireland, now serving both Las Vegas, Nevada and Washington DC, may be the right choice for you. 

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Attorney Ireland advocated for Nevada clients for 8 years before deciding to extend her practice to the District of Columbia. To East Coast clients, Ms. Ireland offers a "frontier" or "new world" approach to problem-solving from her Nevada and New Zealand years, softened by her British heritage (and accent), and ardent fascination for our nation's capitol. If you want an attorney who brings unique perspectives and a breadth of life, business and legal experience, contact The Law Office of Amanda L. Ireland, Ltd. in Las Vegas, NV or Washington, DC to request an initial consultation.